About Us

We live in an era where emails, brief texts, and lol's consume us. There is little connection and energy put into the interactions that we have with each other. Connection is a huge part of what makes our world go round but we often forget to include that connection in our daily interactions. 

LS Equestrian Co. was born after I lost what kept me connected to the world around me. My mare. In August of 2019 the thing that made me feel like I had a purpose and place left and I struggled to figure out how I would possibly feel connected to my job, my friends, my family, my equestrian community, just my world in general. 

Rewind real quick, a year prior to this I started a tiny business called Unadorned Equine Apothecary. This business was a way to share handcrafted, naturally formulated, green equine and equestrian products that were developed and inspired because of my big beautiful mare. Scarlet helped me give the brand life and really inspired me to help other equines and equestrians out there who were spending hundreds on products with dangerous ingredients that didn't even work. But why am I telling you this? Because when she passed I was pissed at my business. I was pissed at every order I got because it was a glaring reminder that my connection to horses was gone. My head and heart were telling me to dissolve the LLC and be done with it all together. 

But I'm stubborn and while it was a glaring reminder of all that I had lost, it was also reminder of how much that mare changed my life for the better. I now have irreplaceable memories of field testing products with her. And the pages and pages of google docs where I brainstormed recipes and formulas and researched essential oils, those are her "love letters". 

Each LS Equestrian Co. product comes with a love letter from Scarlet, herself, explaining why it was created, how to use it, and what ingredients you will find. A letter is a personal thing. It adds an element of connection. My hope is that her love letters and our products make you feel a connection. Whether it's a stronger connection to your horse, your trainer, your best friend, me, Scarlet, the equestrian community as a whole, I just hope that you feel a connection somewhere because that is what keeps us all moving forward. 

You are brave, you are love, you are grace.