The LS Connect

Hey loves!

Some time has passed since the last time that I taped at my keyboard and threw a blog post down so hang in there with me. If you don't know anything about me or my mission in the equestrian space, keep reading. If you do know me, skim briefly but read the last paragraph in entirety because it's always the most important. 

When I came back to selling my products after I lost my mare I obviously kept the products the same but revamped the whole idea behind what I was doing. One of the things that really motivated me to come back and sell my products were my google docs. It's fine. I know you are all thinking "Hannah, that is strange". So let me explain. My google docs were filled with recipes and formulations and notes that said things like "DON'T MIX OIL WITH WATER EVER AGAIN" (like duh) and "mare did not approve of smell". This is what I had. I had lost everything but this is what was left of the connection I shared with my mare. They were her love letters and they were all that I had.  They were countless memories of me running out the barn just to see if booty balm was still in fact on the booty or if moody mare had in fact taken any of the moody out. 

So I had an idea to continue sharing the formulas that we had created together but I would add in a "love letter" from Scarlet's perspective. I am already obsessed with getting letters in the mail and receiving hand written cards or notes. It is my love language. It is so personal and it is something that keeps a connection even after time has passed. So yes, some might say I'm grasping onto anything that takes me back to the connection that I had with mare. And you are correct but I also wanted to create a space that allowed others to feel that connection. The equestrian space is rich with connection. Sometimes misguided connections but connections nonetheless.

Cliff notes for those that jumped to the last paragraph: I'm Hannah. I like google docs. They remind me of my mare. You get letters with each product you buy from me because letters make me feel good. I miss my horse. And now you are up to speed. Read on for the most informational paragraph of this whole long narrative.  

Which brings us back to what is LS Connect? I didn't exactly know what I wanted to put here. I knew I wanted a space to create more content for my customers. I guess my mission for LS Connect is to create a space where we can make more connections in the equestrian world. Maybe it's sharing products, maybe it's sharing ideas, maybe it's talking about how much we love Taylor Swift's new album. I don't exactly what will be here but it will be a space filled with love and grace and a connection to something huge. Our great equestrian world.

Told you the last paragraph is always has the most important information.